What power does money have? Well, it is green. People trade money away in exchange for things. It pays the rent. It means the person trading the money away can eat and not die. All of these things are true, but what power does money truly have?

The answer is none. Money has no power. It is an object. It is provided power through association and culture. The biggest mistake people make in obtaining money is that they think it has some power over them. Without money, they cannot be happy. They cannot go on vacation or buy a bigger house. The word “cannot” surfaces again and again. Without money, they cannot live a full life. They have made the dreadful and surprisingly common mistake of giving money the power it needs to defeat anyone.

The Power of No

When growing up, parents had power by default. Their power gave them a unique feature that only really exists in childhood. Parents had power, which gave them the “power” to say no to a child. Children do not understand the Law of Attraction, and that is fine. If something has power, it also has the power to deny.

Do not be mistaken. Money is a great thing, and it is someone that can provide a lot of satisfaction. It can fuel dreams. But, it has no power. It is something anyone can have if they know they already have it. Money does not come tied to dreams. It is a tool to be used to achieve dreams, but it is nothing in its own right.

The Contest of Money

No one should be in an arm wrestling match with money. Whether they like it or not, they will always lose. That is because everyone has access to it. There is no exclusivity, and money will not be loyal. It will cheat, and it will never be enough. If someone allows it, money can be a monster.

Getting into a contest with money is a losing proposition. Money makes no one stronger or better. The take away that makes all the difference is that the focus must be placed on the desires that money can be involved with. It has nothing to do with the money itself. Imagine a great job- not a great salary.

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